Friday, February 22, 2013

New Post!

Hey Blog!

It's me again!  Yessiry I'm back, well at least for another post.  We'll see how long this sticks.  I've been a bit fluish the last couple days.  Aughhh it's been so long since I've felt that, maybe 3 years or so?  I get colds sooner than the flu, and I don't really know what to call this, it wasn't full blown or anything.

I haven't been swimming or riding much at all lately, almost nothing.  I did get on my trainer ONCE this winter and I think I got Reinier hopeful that it might be the start to something, but alas it didn't last.  I'm thoroughly enjoying the running though.  I'm presently training for the Calgary marathon, running almost every day.  I take days off as needed, or if we go away for the weekend(like last weekend in banff/LL for valentines).  That's time off as well.  It sure is fun only having to do one workout per day.  I've been doing the bulk of the running at lunchtimes too which frees up my evenings.

I'm also signed up for a couple half marys, one before the Calgary marathon and one after.  Oh the second I haven't signed up for just yet.  It depends on when we can get our holidays this year.  I heard that my brother is once again going to run the Manitoba half so I may surprise him and go join him this year.  I hope he doesn't read this or the cat is out of the bag.

The other big race I'm doing is the Iron Legs ultra.  It's a 50 miler in Kananaskis country, near elbow falls.  I've always wanted to do an ultra, if some of you remember I actually signed up for the death race one year but then decided against the training really early on.  This time around hopefully I'll commit to it and hopefully get out for some trail runs/hikes before the race.  I also have some Calgary trails in mind to help with that.  Any of you ultra gurus can also help fill me in on the details, although I have done a ton of research.  This particular race won't be easy(yeah right 50 miles!) as it has over 10,000 ft worth of climbing.  A lot of the ups will be hiked for sure!  It's definately a different kind of race.

Today I went back and read my Ironman race report.  Two things that really stuck out from the report.  They're quite the opposites so I think I did a good job on the report.  #1 I never really have bad Ironman race.  I'm not bragging, I have plenty of bad races but always been able to somehow nail a good IM.  I've read so many disastrous IM race reports, it seems most people don't get many good ones.  Course mine haven't been super good, always missed my A race, but still always improved.  #2 I totally get and agree with my decision to skip next years Ironman and maybe never race one again.  I was reminded about how nervous I was and how stressful the training was.  It was a good journey and something that I focused on so much, I will enjoy the next few year/s of no swim starts.  Maybe I will make myself promise to read the RR again next time I sign up to be sure I want to do another.  :D  Cheers,



Keith said...

Ironman would be fun if it wasn't for all the training. I think you're smart to give it a rest for a while, and do something different. How be some day when you have a really, really slow run booked, and are feeling sickish, and maybe have a sore ankle or knee, and I'm all hopped up on coffee or something, we get together for a run? Haven't seen you or Lisa in forever!

runningman said...

Hi keith, yeah for sure! We should! I'll check with Lisa, I think it's our turn to have you guys over. And I'd run with you any time.

Anonymous said...

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